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Monster Trucks

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This action comedy certainly lives up to its title since it revolves around strange creatures mysteriously propelling utilitarian vehicles in the absence of an internal combustion engine. A North Dakota high school senior (Lucas Till), wanting nothing more than the independence that will come with his own set of wheels, has been restoring an old pickup truck at the salvage yard where he works. Meanwhile, a profit-focused oil-drilling outfit has carelessly tapped into a nearby aquifer that serves as the native habitat for a group of friendly monsters, one of whom seeks refuge in the young man's cherished vehicle. Cue a series of antics, mainly devoted either to crushing other rigs or to tormenting the drillers. Complex thinking is not what director Chris Wedge's children's film demands, though it does manage to fold in in an environmental message amid the harmless mayhem.


Watch out for: A few intense action sequences, a slightly crass sight gag.


Rated: A-I, general patronage; MPAA: PG


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