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Now You See Me 2

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A trio of magicians and illusionists (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and James Franco) - their performing ensemble, the "Four Horsemen," now rounded out by Lizzy Caplan in lieu of Isla Fisher - returns to execute a complicated, worldwide sting involving a computer circuit that can de-encrypt any system into which it's plugged. The tricks performed by the quartet in this follow-up to the 2013 original are deconstructed in great detail, as if director Jon M. Chu and screenwriter Ed Solomon are anxious for the audience not to miss any of their cleverness or its meaning. Though this gives an otherwise compelling, intelligent sequel the slight cast of an old Scooby-Doo cartoon, there's no denying the brilliant choreography of the film's climactic set piece. Probably acceptable for older adolescents.
Watch out for: Mild action violence, some profane and crude language and a vulgar gesture.
Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG-13

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