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Reminiscence (Warner Bros.)

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Pretentious neo-noir, set in a flooded, dystopian Miami where people use advanced technology to retreat into the past.

An expert guide in the process (Hugh Jackman) falls for an alluring client (Rebecca Ferguson) but their affair is abruptly broken off by her sudden disappearance, after which he becomes obsessed with locating her, despite the warnings of his business partner and best friend (Thandiwe Newton).

Dialogue burdened with philosophical reflections on time and memory make it unlikely that viewers will feel especially invested in the protagonist's quest while the speed with which the main relationship becomes sexual is among the factors that make writer-director Lisa Joy's thriller fit for grown-ups only.

Watch out for: Much stylized violence, including gunplay and torture, a vengeance theme, semi-graphic premarital sexual activity, about a half-dozen instances each of profanity and milder swearing, numerous crude and crass terms. 
Rated: A-III, adults. MPAA: PG-13.

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