Directed and co-written by Oliver Stone from the 2010 novel by Don Winslow, this vicious, blood-soaked saga of drug lords glorifies primal urges, vulgarity and man's inhumanity toward man. Two friends (Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch) and their shared lover (Blake Lively) run a successful business growing the best marijuana in North America. When a takeover by a Mexican drug cartel (led by Salma Hayek) is rebuffed, the girlfriend is kidnapped, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

Watch out for: Perverted values; pervasive brutal and grisly violence, including gunplay, torture and rape; graphic nonmarital sex with rear and upper female nudity; off-screen aberrant sexual activity; suicide; a benign view of drug use;
and frequent rough language.

Rated: O; MPAA: R

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