Upset that their parents (James Brolin and Dianne Wiest) are selling their childhood home, two grown but immature siblings (Amy Poehler and Tina Fey) try to relive their glory years by holding a wild party for their friends from high school in the now-emptied house. While one revives her feud with an old enemy (Maya Rudolph), the other, a divorcee, yearns for romance with a neighbor (Ike Barinholtz). Director Jason Moore's patchy comedy aims to make a point about the need to grow up. But, as Fey's character fondly recalls her teenage promiscuity, a married couple has concealed public sex and hunk Barinholtz suffers a slapstick accident that might require the attention of a proctologist, the strained proceedings fail to eke out either laughs or enlightenment.

Watch out for: Misguided values, including a benign view of casual sex, drug use and artificial contraception, a nongraphic scene of aberrant sexual activity, much sexual and some scatological humor, several uses of profanity, pervasive rough and crude language, obscene gestures.

Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: R, restricted.

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