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Based on the 2011 French film “Nuit Blanche” (“Sleepless Night”), this tense thriller, directed by Baran bo Odar, involves a complex game of cat-and-mouse between the police and drug dealers on the mean streets of Las Vegas. An internal affairs investigator (Michelle Monaghan) suspects two fellow cops — played by Jaime Foxx and rapper T.I. — of dealing cocaine, supplying a casino owner (Dermot Mulroney) as well as a local drug lord (Scoot McNairy). Things fall apart when a heist goes awry and Foxx’s son (Octavius J. Johnson) is kidnapped, resulting in a race against time to right all the wrongs. The last-minute message that crime doesn’t pay barely retrieves this gritty vigil from being ruled out for all.

Watch out for: Relentless graphic violence, including gunplay and torture, pervasive crude and profane language.

Rated: L , limited adult audience; MPAA: R

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