Taken 2

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A retired CIA agent (Liam Neeson) returns to the rampage when the father (Rade Sherbedgia) of the villain he dispatched in the first installment of this violent franchise seeks revenge with a kidnapping plot targeting the operative, his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) and their teen daughter (Maggie Grace). Though the perfunctory setup includes a nod or two in the direction of family togetherness and hints at a possible reconciliation for the divorced couple, mayhem for its own sake seems to be the driving principle behind director Olivier Megaton's otherwise largely pointless shoot-'em-up.

Watch out for: Frequent, sometimes gory violence, including beatings and torture, brief premarital sensuality, at least one use of profanity, occasional crude language.

Rated: The Catholic News Service classification is A-III - adults. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13 - parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

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