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The A-Team

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Explosively noisy, stunt-laden, cheesy and somehow engrossing film based on the TV series in the 1980s without that program's self-mocking humor. Director Joe Carnahan, who also scripted along with Brian Bloom and Skip Woods, reinvents the story line as sort of a video game, with Liam Neeson, Quinton Jackson, Bradley Cooper, and Sharlto Copley playing four Army Rangers, all specialists in covert missions, framed in Iraq for a crime they didn't commit, then escaping from prison to clear their names and seize the CIA operative who set them up.

Watch out for: Some fleeting crass and crude language, most of it before the opening credits are over, a fleeting reference to premarital sex, and abundant explosions and gunfire.

Rated: USCCB: A-II; MPAA: PG-13

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