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The Accountant

Absurdly convoluted and morally bankrupt action-drama about an autistic man (Ben Affleck) with an innate genius for crunching numbers and the learned ability to kill with brutal precision. After years working as a forensic accountant for criminal enterprises worldwide, the deeply flawed protagonist takes on a legitimate client; in the process, he meets a young lady (Anna Kendrick) and attracts the attention of both the Treasury Department and a ruthless hitman. Gavin O'Connor's uneven direction does little to validate the movie's argument that those on the autism spectrum shouldn't be held accountable for their behavior, even as it urges they not be treated as abnormal or freakish. More than merely trivialize its subject matter, the result is to set the cause of autism awareness back decades or more to the equivalent of a moral Dark Ages.

Watch out for: Frequent intense gun violence and hand-to-hand combat and much rough, crude and profane language.

Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: R

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