The Cabin in the Woods

Director and co-writer Drew Goddard begins with an interesting premise: a stereotypical slasher scenario that's actually being controlled and manipulated from the outside. His plot focuses on a handful of deliberately two-dimensional teens (most prominently Kristen Connolly and Fran Kranz) who retreat to a remote house, only to be pushed toward doom by the surprisingly likable office techs of a nearby laboratory (Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford). When the novelty and comic relief dry up, however, and the nods to older movies become tiresome, all that remains is a picture that ratchets up the gore to torture-porn levels, constantly drops the F-bomb and exploits drug use and sexuality.
Watch out for: Pervasive gory violence, a suicide, frequent drug-use, nongraphic nonmarital sexual activity with upper female nudity, some sexual humor, constant rough language, and some crude and profane expressions.
Rated: O; MPAA: R

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