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The Emoji Movie

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Lighthearted animated comedy set within the smartphone of a high school student (voice of Jake T. Austin). When an icon (voice of T.J. Miller) meant to express only indifference malfunctions by registering a strange mix of emotions, he becomes an outcast condemned to be deleted. So he goes on the run, and joins forces with a high-five hand symbol (voiced by James Corden) out to regain the popularity he once enjoyed with the device's owner and a rebellious codebreaker (voice of Anna Faris) whose skills can get the pair to the internet Cloud, where their problems can be solved and where she hopes to remain. Tech savvy viewers will especially enjoy the wacky proceedings, though moviegoers of all stripes will appreciate themes of loyal friendship and faithful romance. Potty humor and some peril may make director and co-writer Tony Leondis' film a less than ideal choice for the youngest patrons, however. The feature is preceded by an eccentric, enjoyable short called "Puppy!"


Watch out for: Characters in jeopardy, mild scatological humor, a suppressed crude expression and a slightly crass term.


Rated: A-II, adults and adolescents; MPAA: PG


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