The Heat

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Sometimes funny, but relentlessly foul-mouthed buddy comedy pairing uptight FBI agent Sandra Bullock with scruffy, rule-averse Boston police officer Melissa McCarthy. As this odd couple work to bring down a drug lord, their squabbling is predictably transformed into friendship. Director Paul Feig gains some traction from McCarthy's wild riffs at the expense of stiff straight-man Bullock. But gears grind as gritty vocabulary works its way into virtually every sentence of dialogue. And the Beantown cop's inability to form emotional bonds with any of the numerous men in her life, while shown to be dysfunctional, nevertheless leads to a comic (albeit indirect) treatment of casual sex.

Watch out for: A frivolous view of promiscuity, much sexual humor, frequent instances of profanity, excessive rough and crude language.

Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: R, restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

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