The Mountain Between Us

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The proverbial call of the wild sounds more like a roar in this trapped-in-the-wilderness survival drama, based on Charles Martin's 2011 novel and directed by Hany Abu-Assad. Two strangers meet at an Idaho airport, anxious after their respective flights are canceled. A photojournalist (Kate Winslet) persuades a dashing surgeon (Idris Elba) to charter a plane to Denver, where a flight connection awaits. The bumbling pilot (Beau Bridges) has a stroke and the plane crashes on a remote snowy mountaintop. The passengers, along with the pilot's dog, struggle to survive against incredible odds as predictable romantic sparks fly.

Watch out for: A scary airplane crash, moments of peril, a nongraphic sex scene and two profane oaths.

Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG-13

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