The Possession

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A seemingly innocuous wooden box purchased at a yard sale contains an evil spirit that takes possession of a young girl (Natasha Calis), blighting her life and those of her recently divorced parents (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick). Director Ole Bornedal initially achieves above-average results with this mostly gore-free chiller. But returns diminish as his film approaches its overwrought climax. A strong pro-marriage message and the respectful treatment of the Jewish faith by which the afflicted lass is to be exorcised remain pluses nonetheless.

Watch out for: Some violent and potentially disturbing images, a premarital situation, at least one use each of profanity and crude language, brief sexual references.

Rated: A-III - adults; MPAA: PG-13 - parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13

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