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The Protege (Lionsgate)

After her mentor, a contract killer (Samuel L. Jackson), is slain while investigating a shady business executive (Patrick Malahide), a skilled assassin (Maggie Q) resolves to close the case and avenge the murder. But the intrigue into which she intrudes brings her up against an equally gifted criminal (Michael Keaton) who briefly becomes her lover but remains her deadly adversary.

Director Martin Campbell's sleek yet brutal thriller is morally heedless, justifying Jackson's character on the grounds that he only targets bad guys, endorsing his pupil's drive for revenge and presenting a debased view of human sexuality.

Watch out for: Excessive gory violence, including torture, gruesome sights, a benignly viewed suicide, a vengeance theme, implied casual sex, brief upper female nudity, at least one mild oath, frequent rough and crude language. 
Rated:  O, morally offensive. MPAA: R.

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