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The Tribunal

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Strong Catholic values are filtered through some faulty filmmaking in this romantic drama from screenwriter Michael C. Mergler and director Marc Leif. A divorced musician (Chris Petty) seeks an annulment so that he can wed his devout girlfriend (Laura Mock). But his case requires the testimony of his estranged former bandmate and best friend (Ryan Wesley Gilreath) who was also once the boyfriend of the bride-to-be, and still carries a torch for her. Though religious themes, including the countercultural message that sex before marriage is a damaging mistake as well as a sin, will resonate with viewers of faith, sometimes subpar acting and unlikely plot developments chip away at this small-scale project's credibility. Possibly acceptable for older teens.


Watch out for: Bedroom scenes, including a nongraphic premarital sexual encounter, some irreverent images, a mild oath and a few crass terms.


Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG-13


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