The Way, Way Back

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A potentially nostalgic summer vacation spent by the sea is tinged with family problems and teen angst in this coming-of-age comedy-drama, written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. A 14-year-old boy (Liam James) is miserable when forced to join his divorced mother (Toni Collette) at her boyfriend's (Steve Carell) summer cottage. There the adults party hearty and the kids are left to their own devices. A bicycle provides escape for the lad who discovers a run-down water park nearby. Its fun-loving manager (Sam Rockwell) takes him under his wing as a mentor and friend, and the surrogate father-son relationship proves mutually beneficial.

Watch out for: An adulterous relationship, acceptability of divorce, implied nonmarital sex, drug use, underage drinking, frequent crude and profane language.

Rated: A-III, adults. MPAA: PG-13, parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

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