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Heavy-handed video game adaptation pitting an army of murderous orcs (including Toby Kebbell) led by an evil wizard (Daniel Wu) against the inhabitants of a fantasy version of Earth. Heading the opposition to the invasion are a wise king (Dominic Cooper), a gallant knight (Travis Fimmel) and two practitioners (Ben Foster and Ben Schnetzer) of good magic, backed up by the guidance of an orc half-breed (Paula Patton) whose mistreatment at the hands of her own kind has made her anxious to thwart them. Shifting loyalties, especially those of Kebbell's character, whose devotion to family life makes him redeemable, keep the pot boiling. But director and co-writer Duncan Jones' film bubbles over, in the end, and steams rapidly away. Possibly acceptable for mature teens.
Watch out for: Pervasive mayhem but with almost no blood, momentary gruesome violence, scenes of torment, a painful birth and a couple of sexual references.
Rated: A-III, adults; MPAA: PG-13

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