We're the Millers

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Posing as a family of clueless tourists, a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis), his naive young neighbor (Will Poulter), a stripper (Jennifer Aniston) and a runaway teen (Emma Roberts) use a mobile home to transport a cargo of marijuana across the Mexican border so the pusher can clear a debt to his ruthless supplier (Ed Helms). As they struggle to overcome various complications- including their run-in with a DEA agent (Nick Offerman) who's vacationing with his wife (Kathryn Harris) and daughter (Molly Quinn) - the quartet begins to take on the characteristics, both positive and negative, of a real clan. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber's tawdry comedy purports to find humor in scenarios involving both aberrant sexual behavior and the mistaken perception of it. As it drips disdain for squares, religion and respectability, his film also sends the message that low-level trafficking in pot is a harmless way to make a living.

Watch out for: Skewed moral values, strong sexual content - including a same-sex encounter, voyeurism and full nudity - a benign view of drug use, much tasteless humor, including a scene mocking prayer, about a dozen uses of profanity, pervasive rough and crude language.

Rated: O, morally offensive; MPAA: The Motion Picture Association of America rating is R, restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

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