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Meaghan Tracy and Michaela Tracy have wanted to be teachers for a long time. In fact, the 22-year-old twins can't remember ever wanting to be anything else, a result, they claim, of being surrounded by so many teacher role models such as their mom and older sister. So it was no surprise when they told family and friends that they both wanted to pursue a degree in education. It was when they explained their goal to teach together at the same school that jaws dropped.

"Everyone was like, that is never going to happen, and we were like, well we want it to happen so we are going to try," said Michaela.

They attended George Mason University in Fairfax where they both majored in integrative studies. Even though their courses geared them toward a career in the public school system they had their hearts set on a Catholic environment, having fond memories of their own elementary school days at St. Theresa School in Ashburn.

"It was very close knit. We made very good friends who we still keep in touch with," said Meaghan. Knowing the odds were slim, they set out to find an internship in a Catholic school. They reached out to St. Mark School in Vienna, which accepted their proposal and gave them student teaching positions in third-grade and fourth-grade classrooms. The internship strengthened their love of Catholic education, which they feel helps to educate the whole child.

"You are not just teaching knowledge," said Meaghan. "You are teaching the faith."

At the end of their internship they learned that the school had a few openings. They were overjoyed when the school offered them both full-time teaching positions.

The twins will start living their dream this fall with Meaghan teaching third-grade and Michaela teaching kindergarten.

To get ready for their first year, the two have been busy this summer attending workshops and the recent diocesan new teacher orientation. They are preparing their classrooms for the first day of school, and they have been hitting local thrift stores for deals on school supplies such as file cabinets, shelves and teacher stools.

"I just keep picturing all the kids coming through my door and thinking, this is my class," said Meaghan. "We are very blessed."

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