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Bishop Burbidge, seminarians celebrate Mass at site of St. Paul’s martyrdom

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Bishop Michael F. Burbidge (center) poses for a photo with Elder Maldonado, Deacon Will Nyce, Mauricio Portillo, Joe Townsend, Joe Moschetto, Peter McShurley, Deacon Edouard Guilloux, NAC director of admissions Fr. Dan Hanley and Fr. Michael Isenberg of the Office of Vocations. The bishop celebrated Mass Feb. 17 at the Church of St. Paul at the Three Fountains in Rome during a pastoral visit to diocesan seminarians studying at the North American College. The church marks the spot where St. Paul was beheaded at the order of the Emperor Nero and is known as Tre Fontane due to local lore that fountains sprung up after Paul’s head bounced three times on the ground. 


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