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Five gifts for groomsmen

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They have been with you through thick and thin and now they’ve all gathered for your big day. Use the opportunity to show your groomsmen how much you care with a token of your appreciation.

Thank you note

There is no law that says you have to break the bank for gifts. A simple note telling your groomsman what his friendship has meant to you can be priceless both literally and figuratively.


Stamps go well with notes. They are extremely practical, but also can be fun. Visit your local post office or store.usps.com to find stamps with themes that range from science fiction and fantasy to history and hockey.

Bottle opener

Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding where he turned water into wine. It makes this gift both practical and fitting for the occasion. The rise of online personalized gift websites, such as etsy.com and zazzle.com, make it easy to add a Bible quote or your friends’ names.  


A rosary is a gift that keeps on giving when put into the right hands. They can be bought or inexpensively made with twine. Find step by step directions on several YouTube videos. Add a note asking your groomsmen to pray for you and your wife every year on your anniversary. 

Religious art

There is nothing like beautiful religious art to liven up a home, especially art that memorializes a friendship. My husband found a beautiful icon of Christ in majesty surrounded by his best friends, the Twelve Apostles, on the website art.com. 

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