Former St. William student is now a teacher

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When Caitlin Lang graduated from St. William of York School in 2003, she had no idea she would be back 11 years later wandering the same halls, and some new ones, as a teacher.

"The new building was not here when I attended, and they just started adding languages my eighth grade year. And of course we have more sports now, too," said Lang. The school is bigger, more modern and in a way has grown up with Lang. But it is how St. William hasn't changed that

brought Lang back years later.

"The core strength of the school has stayed the same," said Lang. who says that even though the school has grown in number, the community remains "close knit." St. William had the greatest impact on Lang's career choice when she witnessed her mother working at the school. "My mom really enjoyed it," she said. "That inspired me to go into teaching."

While attending the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Lang worked at St William's parish office and the extended day care program. Many of the teachers and staff knew that Lang was going into education and became her mentors. Lang earned her master's in elementary education from Mary Washington in 2014 and started teaching at St. William full time.

"At first I was nervous about teaching kindergarten," said Lang. "But now I really enjoy it."

When asked what she likes teaching the most, she said, "It is a toss-up between religion and reading. I love teaching religion because the kids have such a strong sense of faith. I like telling them Bible stories and watching them incorporate their faith into their lives."

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