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Is there any hope?

Re: "Hope amid crisis, says Jane Goodall," ACH 4/23/15

Regarding the article, my big question is: Why was such an article even published in the Herald at all, let alone given front page space as the leading article?

Whatever value all the politically and culturally correct issues have that were presented in that article, it pales in comparison to the value of marriage and family. The crisis of marriage and family in the church and in this country is, or should be, of far greater concern to Catholics (or anyone else for that matter). Yet despite the fact that this was the week of the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., I saw not even a whisper of the marriage crisis anywhere in the April 23-29 issue of the Herald; let alone on the front page where it should have been.

Nope. Not only marriage, but even the pope and Mary got squeezed out by Jane Goodall and a bunch of chimpanzees.

A crisis indeed. Is there any hope?

Andrew Schmiedicke

via email

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