‘Ministry to Haiti’ talk in Arlington

Missionhurst Father Andrew Labatorio will present a lecture "Ministry to Haiti" July 11 at St. Ann Parish Hall, 5300 N. 10th St., Arlington, from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Pastor of St. Jude Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Father Labatorio will provide a short history of Haiti, its current situation and the role of the church there today, including the Missionhurst Mission and pastoral commitments from the universal church.

St. Jude, located in the heart of one of the poorest slums in the city, was founded by Father Labatorio, a native of the Philippines, and another missionary in 2005. Despite hardships, the parish of 12,000 is engaged in a wide range of social activities including livelihood assistance, recycling, cooperatives, health care, vegetable gardening and a clean water project. The parish opened a medical clinic in 2012.

Facing a deteriorating political and economic climate in Haiti, Father Labatorio remains encouraged and energized by witnessing the will and courage of Haitians to change their lives for the better.

The talk is part of the St. Ann Adult Religious Enrichment Committee's series on the "Church in the Global Village."

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