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Apologetics series delves into science and faith

The diocesan Office of Faith Formation is partnering with the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) and host parishes in each deanery to provide an apologetics series about Catholic teachings on science and faith this fall.

Two multimedia presentations, “Proclaiming the Reality of God: Scientific and Human Evidence of God’s Existence” and “Which Is True: Creation, Evolution or Both?” will be offered in each deanery, to discuss scientific evidence for the existence of God and church teaching on evolution. The series will be presented by Steven Hemler, president of CAINA and author of “The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator” and “Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness.” 

The presentation schedule is as follows: 

Oct. 6, 13 — St. Theresa Church in Ashburn

Oct. 9, 16 — St. Veronica Church in Chantilly

Oct. 29, 30 — St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in Fredericksburg

Nov. 4, 11 — Holy Trinity Church in Gainesville

Nov. 17, 18 — St. Bridget of Ireland Church in Berryville 

Find out more

For more info, call 1-877/718-0826 or go to cainaweb.org.

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