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Benedictine Sisters of Virginia plan to build a new monastery

The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia announced plans to build a new monastery funded by their Jubilee Campaign: 150 Years and Building, in a press release May 28. Saint Benedict Monastery in Bristow, an aging, brick building, was built in the 1960s and is the current home to the sisters, who celebrate 125 years in Bristow and the 150th anniversary of their founding in Richmond this year. The antiquated infrastructure fails modern safety codes and has deteriorated over the years. The goal of the Jubilee Campaign is to raise $3 million to fund a safe and sustainable home for the sisters. 

“The sisters are selfless, never asking for anything for themselves and always serving those in need,” said David Cottrell, a Richmond resident. “The thought of them living in a building that doesn’t provide warmth in the winter or relief from Virginia’s often tropical summers is very disturbing to us.” Cottrell donated to the campaign last fall as part of a matching gift challenge.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us and our ministries through the years,” said Sister Joanna Burley, newly elected prioress of the Benedictine sisters. “Now we, ourselves, are in need of a bit of direct assistance, so that we can carry on our tradition of service to the local community. The generosity already received from so many people is evidence of the faith they have in our work today and in our future.”

The new monastery will be a single-story building with private quarters for the sisters and public spaces including a chapel, parlors for spiritual direction and counseling, and a multipurpose room for meetings and programs to support the community. 

The Jubilee Campaign has already reached 67 percent of its goal with more than $2 million in funds. Construction on the building is planned to begin by the end of this year.

How to help

To donate, go to osbva.org/the-jubilee-campaign.



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