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Bishop Burbidge celebrates Feast of the Assumption

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Bishop Michael F. Burbidge said there are moments in life when we need God’s reassurance and consolation more than ever.

“In light of recent revelations and events within our church, it seems to be one of those moments,” Bishop Burbidge said during his homily Aug. 15 on the Feast of the Assumption at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington.

The Bishop said that in a reflection on today’s readings, Pope Francis focused on struggle and resurrection. The Holy Father points to the passage from the Book of Revelation that presents the vision of the struggle between the woman and the dragon.

“The figure of the woman represents the church,” Bishop Burbidge said. “On one hand, glorious and triumphant — associated with the glory of the Lord. On the other, painful and toiled. 

“Throughout history, and certainly in the present day, the church struggles through the challenges, which the conflict between God and the evil one brings,” Bishop Burbidge said. “We must face this struggle here and now.”

The Bishop said it is important to remember a beautiful insight from Pope Francis in which  he says, “Mary has, of course, already entered once and for all into heavenly glory but that does not mean she is distant from us. Mary accompanies us and sustains and strengthens us in our fight against evil forces.”

“I think today is a good day to renew our promise to pray daily the holy rosary seeking the help and protection of Our Blessed Mother,” the Bishop said. “Not only would this honor Mary, it will be a great gift to our church, especially at this time.

“St. Paul speaks to us today about the Resurrection, Christ’s victory over evil, sin, suffering and even death itself,” Bishop Burbidge said. “God has triumphed and Mary’s Magnificat in today’s Gospel sings of his greatness: ‘He has cast down the mighty from their thrones and has lifted up the lowly.’”

“As we unite ourselves to Christ, we share in his victory here and now especially in the celebration of the Eucharist. But our ultimate goal is to share his victory forever in heaven.

“Our Blessed Mother shows us how to be attentive to the things above: magnify the Lord’s will in your life, not your own; listen and respond to His Word; and entrust your needs and the needs of the church and those you love to his divine assistance for with God all things are possible.”


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