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Catholic Herald wins 31 awards in national competition

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The Catholic Herald had another great year in the Catholic Press Association’s Catholic Media Awards competition, this year June 15 in Green Bay, Wis.

The Catholic Herald won second place for general excellence. The comments from the judges read, “Nice teasers to attract readers into the newspaper. The layout is fun and varied. Nice balance of stories from a variety of areas — news, sports.”

You might need a scorecard to keep up with all the awards — all 31 of them. See the entire list on this page.

The Catholic Herald won six first place awards, 10 second place, seven third place and eight honorable mentions. This on the heels of last year’s 28 awards, and a record-breaking at that time (for any Catholic publication in the Catholic Press Association ever) of 34 in 2016.

The top award is General Excellence and the Catholic Herald garnered second place while competing against other weekly Catholic newspapers with a circulation of 25,000 or more. That’s a top-notch group of publications.

The comments from the judges read, “Nice teasers to attract readers into the newspaper. The layout is fun and varied. Nice balance of stories from a variety of areas — news, sports.”

Also in the excellence category among all publications, Ashleigh Kassock won second place for Multi-media Journalist of the Year and Staff Writer Zoey Maraist received an honorable mention for Writer of the Year. 

Our freelance photographer, Joe Cashwell, won 12 awards, including sweeping the category for Best Sports Photo Story.

Our Graduation Special Section won an honorable mention for Best Supplement or Special Issue.

Best News Writing on a Local or Regional Event brought a third place award to Zoey Maraist for her piece on “The Opioid Epidemic.” 

In the Best News Writing on a National or International Event, I won first place for my piece from Fatima, Portugal, and third place for my piece from France on “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

Maraist and Elizabeth A. Elliott won a second place for Best Reporting on Ecumenical and Interfaith Issues and third place in the Best Reporting on the Celebration of a Sacrament went to Elliott.

Second place in Best Multiple Picture Package went to Kassock and Maraist, and a second place for Best Coverage of Pro-Life issues went to Maraist, Elliott and Mary Stachyra Lopez, who also won a first place in the Best Reporting of Social Justice Issues.

Cashwell’s work was complemented by Elliott’s for a second place win in Best Multiple Picture Package and an honorable mention for Best News Photo Story for “Pilgrimage to shrine.”

In the advertising category, between Graphic Artists David Garcia and Kassock, the newspaper won two first places, two third places and an honorable mention. Garcia’s sticky note, the small adhesive ad attached to the front page, won first place for Most Effective Use of Small Space. Kassock’s Irish Walk ad campaign won first place.

Kassock also produced a video called, “The Whistler” that won second place in Best Use of Video in Social Media.

Having won 93 awards in the past three years, the staff is pleased at the recognition for just a piece of all the work that goes into everything we do, from the weekly print newspaper founded in 1976, the website that first launched in 1996, the e-newsletter, the videos, podcasts and all the offerings on social media,including FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram. We strive every day to inform, inspire and connect our readers.



Catholic Press Association awards



First Place

“Irish Walk” by Ashleigh Kassock, Advertising staff 

The green is well played. Subtle, but always there. The info bar at the bottom is nice. Clean sharp and concise. The product pictures are perfect. Definitely the most creative entry. And very clever — exactly what I love about and expect from the Irish.

Honorable Mention

“Summer Storytime at Pauline Books” by David Garcia, Ashleigh Kassock, Advertising staff


AB07 Best Promotional House Ad

Third Place

“Respect life month” by Ashleigh Kassock, Advertising staff

The central image in this ad elicits a strong emotional response that, in itself, serves as a call to action.


AB40: Most Effective use of small space

First Place

“Bishop Ireton sticky note” by David Garcia, Advertising staff

An elegant and effective design to capture attention on the front of a newspaper.

Third Place

“Shopping at the Paschal Lamb” by Ashleigh Kassock, Advertising staff

A creative and fun way to capture attention and interest with graphics and photography.



Second Place

“The whistler” by Ashleigh Kassock

Amazing shares! Perfect for sharing!


E06: NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR — Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or more

Second Place

By Catholic Herald Staff

Nice teasers to attract readers into the newspaper. The layout is a fun and varied. Nice balance of stories from a variety of areas — news, sports.



Honorable Mention

Zoey Maraist for “Remembering Little Saigon; In the chapel on bended knee; Free medical clinic in Manassas; Life in a country parish; The opioid epidemic.”



Second place

Ashleigh Kassock for “Find your inner whistle”; “Christendom alumnus finds love and a movie deal”; Catholic Press Month promotional videos (Informing, inspiring and connecting Catholics and How to print a newspaper); “Faith and feathered friends.”

N02b: BEST NEWS WRITING ON A LOCAL OR REGIONAL EVENT: Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or more

Third Place

The opioid epidemic” by Zoey Maraist

A solid local look at this very serious problem and how the church can be part of the reaction to it. Lot of work went into this story, it seems.



First Place

Fatima: A century of devotion” by Ann M. Augherton

With a descriptive narrative the author updates the story of the three children of Fatima and the beatification of two of them. The words paint a picture of the story.

Third Place

Liberty, equality and fraternity” by Ann M. Augherton


N13a: BEST PHOTO STORY: News Photo Story

Honorable Mention

Pilgrimage to shrine” by Elizabeth A. Elliott, Joe Cashwell


N13b: BEST PHOTO STORY: Feature Photo Story

Third Place

Easter Vigil” by Joe Cashwell

The entire package comes together from start of the ceremony with the shadows of the fire to finishing with the bright cleansing light of the baptisms.

 wrestlers flying

"Wrestlers elevated" was part of a first place package for best sports photo story and second place for best sports photo. JOE CASHWELL | FOR THE CATHOLIC HERALD

N13c: BEST PHOTO STORY: Sports Photo Story

First Place

Wrestling tournament” by Joe Cashwell

Images are high quality and action packed drawing the reader through the wrestling match with pace and anticipation.


Second Place

Rugby tournament” by Joe Cashwell

The images all portray the Christendom Crusaders as the dominant team showing them out—pacing and out—performing at a level above their opponents, matching the description of the match.

Honorable Mentions

Softball championship” by Joe Cashwell

 AND “Swim meet” by Joe Cashwell


N14f: BEST PHOTOGRAPH: Best Sports Photo

Second Place

Wrestlers elevated” by Joe Cashwell

Great timing to show both wrestlers floating above the mat. An unusual sight you rarely see in wrestling.

Third Place

“Lacrosse team celebrates victory” by Joe Cashwell

Great celebration shot. Good position by the photographer in front of the celebrants. The girl leading the group sets the tone of the rest of the team.



Second Place

Diocesan pilgrimage to shrine” by Elizabeth A. Elliott, Joe Cashwell

Really nice variety of impactful images with the obvious effort by the photographer(s) to capture some really unique point of views elevated this package among the rest.



Second Place

“Celebrating life” by Connor Bergeron, Ashleigh Kassock, Zoey Maraist

(Celebrating the God of life, March for Life shows 'The Power of One,')

Just a great all around collection of images that really told the story of the event(s). The variety of angles and different perspectives, along with wonderful lighting and moments, elevated this entry.


rugby christendomN15c: BEST MULTIPLE PICTURE PACKAGE: Sports Package

First Place

Rough and rugby” by Joe Cashwell, Staff

Great collection of images that worked well as a group, while each image stood alone as strong sports images capturing great action and a real feel for the event.

Second Place

“Panthers fall short” by Joe Cashwell

Well covered event to not only capture the action, but the emotion of the loss also helped to tell the story.

Honorable Mention

Panthers defeat Cardinals” by Joe Cashwell


N16a: BEST USE OF ART OR GRAPHICS: Best Use of Art or Graphics

Honorable Mention

10 ways to help the poor” by Ashleigh Kassock


N19a: BEST SUPPLEMENT OR SPECIAL ISSUE: Best Regular Special Supplement

Third Place

Honorable Mention

“Graduation” by Catholic Herald Staff


N23b: BEST REPORTING ON THE CELEBRATION OF A SACRAMENT: Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or more

Third Place

Growing the Catholic Church” by Elizabeth A. Elliott

Nice coverage with ample supporting quotes from those involved.


N48b: BEST COVERAGE OF PRO-LIFE ISSUES: Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or more

Second Place

Lodging for Life; Vigil for an execution; The Power of One; Doing the job of God’s angels; Free medical clinic blessed in Manassas; A lifetime of love in two days” by Zoey Maraist, Elizabeth A. Elliott, Connor Bergeron, Mary Stachyra Lopez

The Catholic Herald coverage represents pro-life teaching from womb to tomb with intriguing stories of personal struggle and triumph as well as informative background articles.



Second Place

Putting the church back together; Seeking unity in uncertain times; Interreligious kindness” by Zoey Maraist, Elizabeth A. Elliott

Multiple sources, good context, well-written.


N54b: BEST REPORTING OF SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES: Call to Family, Community and Participation

First Place

“Love: the universal language” by Mary Stachyra Lopez 

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