Celebrating Corpus Christi

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Like Easter, Corpus Christi is a moveable feast. It's celebrated the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which this year was June 4. Most parishes push the celebration to the following Sunday.

To accommodate their students, St. Timothy School in Chantilly celebrated the feast June 5. Students from the school, with the help of Amy Powers, a parent and artist, created two murals from flower petals on the sidewalk from the church to the school. One was an image of Jesus, the other a cross with a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit.

The students started work on the mural at 6:30 a.m. It was covered by a tent to protect it from the rain and cool temperatures. At around the same time, there was a power outage at the parish complex that darkened the school and church.

Melissa George, daughter Kayla and others were praying the Memorare to restore the power when Kayla said the lilac petals that formed the beard and hair of Jesus turned from purple to brown.

They told parochial vicar Father Stefan Starzynski about what they saw. The news spread quickly, with people coming to look at the mural and take photos.

When pastor Father Gerald Weymes finished 9 a.m. Mass, he placed the sacred host in the lunette of the monstrance and processed up the aisle on his way to adoration in the school. Father Weymes held the monstrance for all to see, and walked past the mural with the brown beard and hair.

Was it just the rain and humidity leaching the color out of plucked petals? One thing is for sure, it was a blessing the students and parents can share for some time.

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