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Good Shepherd Church receives philanthropy award

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Good Shepherd Church in Alexandria was awarded the 2019 Good Shepherd Housing philanthropy award by Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services, an organization originally founded by parishioners of the church and now an independent non-profit, Nov. 9. The church and organization have partnered for more than 40 years to offer permanent housing and emergency assistance along the Route 1 corridor.

“(Good Shepherd Church’s) support over the years exemplifies the spirit of community service, altruism and commitment to helping others represented by the Good Shepherd Philanthropy Award (Organization),” said Alexis Feeney Tallman, chair on the GSH board of directors.

“Our partnership with Good Shepherd Housing is a way in which we live out our Catholic faith and identity in the Mount Vernon area, directly impacting the lives of those in need in our community,” said Father Thomas P. Ferguson, diocesan vicar general and pastor of Good Shepherd. “Practically speaking, it means some of our neighbors go to bed with a roof over their heads and are able to give their children a stable environment within which they can thrive,” said Father Ferguson, who is also a member of the GSH community leadership council.

GSH provides affordable housing services in Northern Virginia, offering solutions to thousands of struggling individuals and families through the support of donors and community volunteers. 

Good Shepherd Church supports GSH through grants, drives, volunteering and other work. 

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