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Knights of Columbus offers online membership program

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Young men have increasing demands on them as they build their professional and family lives. Many want to enhance their spiritual lives but may not have time to join an organization such as the Knights of Columbus.


Knights of Columbus councils in Virginia and several other states are piloting an online membership program that will be introduced nationwide in July.


The pilot program was brought online in Virginia Jan. 16. About a dozen men joined online the first week, according to Steve Kehoe, Virginia state deputy.


The program is ideal for college students, young professionals, those with young families and military members, according to Kehoe. “Given the increasing demands of school, work life and family, (they) are looking for a path of growth and engagement that meets them where they are,” he said. “The digital platform was a natural direction for the Knights to embark on in order to reach these Catholic men while building upon the legacy of our founder.”


Kehoe said the online membership program allows the Knights to help men in their faith foundation and give them the opportunity to put that faith into action. When they sign up, they have access to a Knights of Columbus portal that offers faith-formation content; news about the order and charitable works; a calendar for local events; and weekly resources sent automatically to their inbox.


Any practicing Catholic male above the age of 18 is eligible to join the Knights. By joining through the online membership program, they become a dues-paying member of a division of the state council and are eligible to purchase insurance, receive the accidental death benefit and are entitled to attend select local council and state council events.


“They are eligible to obtain our fraternal benefits so they can protect their families,” said Kehoe. “They will learn how we serve others and defend our values.”


The online membership is a gateway for local membership, according to Kehoe.


While those who sign up through the online membership program are non-degreed, they still are considered a Knight of Columbus.  They can indicate their parish and express interest in joining a particular local council and that council will be notified of their interest.


The online membership is just the beginning.


“Our hope is that they arrive at an understanding of what the Knights of Columbus are, our call to discipleship, and give them an appreciation of this brotherhood,” said Kehoe. 

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