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Local medical guild linked with the national organization in a new way

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A local guild of Catholic medical professionals hopes to make searching for a Catholic doctor easier and provides community for the medical professionals.

The Catholic Medical Association Guild of Northern Virginia was founded in 2007 by Dr. Marie Anderson, a physician at Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax. The local guild has been part of the national guild but now they are linked online through a new website: novacathmed.org.

Anderson said the purpose of the national and local organizations is to educate, form and support. Through the new website, she said the guild wants to educate the public through articles and links to other Catholic resources that hold the same values as the guild. 

Since the local guild is open to all in the healthcare field, Anderson said patients will be able to locate local Catholic practitioners via the website.

“We realize the world is moving to an information technology format and a lot of what we had to do in person we can now do online,” she said.

“We want Catholic doctors to be part of something bigger than themselves,” said Anderson, who encourages medical professionals to join the guild.

The intersection of medicine and faith puts the work in a new perspective, she said. “When I was ready to deepen my faith, it was difficult for me to find a doctor that practiced faith-based medicine,” said Anderson. “They had gone where I was going and there was a spiritual and medical expertise.”

Anderson wanted to know how other Catholic doctors present themselves to their peers and their patients and “why they believe that it is the very best that we can offer to use the Divine Healer as our role model.”

“Come for the camaraderie and support and relationship with other doctors who are facing many of the challenges you face. Learn about yourself and become confident enough to share what you know is the truth,” she said.

“We want people on this journey together because we know there is safety in numbers and we grow best when we share what experiences we’ve had,” she said. “It solidifies our faith to be able to live it out and act on it in a world that is not always receptive.

“To many people medicine is a profession but to us at Tepayac, and other Catholic doctors that live their faith at work, it is a vocation,” said Anderson. “It has to be or you won’t have the courage to step out in faith and see what happens, and what happens is a miracle.

“We treat, God heals.” 

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Go to novacathmed.org or cathmed.org. 

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