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Mobile ultrasound team prays for new wheels

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Angela Clark was excited to attend the fifth birthday party of her goddaughter. She had known the little girl since before she was born. 

Clark met her pregnant mother as she headed into the Falls Church abortion clinic. Instead of going in, Clark convinced her to do an ultrasound so she could see her baby. 

Then she connected the woman with Gabriel Project, which provides material support to pregnant women in need, and Tepeyac OB/GYN in Fairfax, which provides prenatal care. She put out the word to other pro-lifers who fundraised to help the woman with her living expenses.

“It goes to show that our help doesn't stop at an ultrasound, but continues for however long a woman and child need us,” said Clark, director of A Best Choice Mobile Ultrasound & Pregnancy Resource Center

For years, Clark has driven around the area giving women in crisis a chance to see their unborn babies via ultrasound. In the last four years, the ABC team has counseled 578 women, performed 433 ultrasounds and saved 113 babies. But their trips have taken a toll on the van. “Our current vehicle is 21 years old and requires frequent and expensive repairs,” said Clark. More time in the shop means less time serving pregnant women. 

So far, they have raised almost $62,000 of the $150,000 to replace the van, said Clark. She's looking forward to having a vehicle that is easier to drive, safer to park and has a more professional appearance. 

A new vehicle is just the start of her hopes for growing ABC. She wants the van to be on the road meeting women where they are as many hours a week as possible. She also hopes one day to launch an app, similar to Uber, where women can request that the ultrasound van come to them. 

In the future, “we hope to be out more places, giving more free ultrasounds, and saving more moms and babies,” said Clark. 


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