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Five March for Life survival tips

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These tried and true tips will help your trek to this year’s March for Life

Metro manners


Avoid the Metro if you can, but at least avoid busy stops such as Smithsonian. Try stops a little farther away and walk to the Mall. The old paper metro cards are no longer accepted so make sure you have a smart card with about $10 on it before you go. If you have a sign, keep it rolled up with a rubber band or binder clips and hold it as close to you as possible. Sharing a smile and saying “please,” “I’m sorry,” “thank you,” “excuse me” are your best tools to defuse Metro tension with other riders.


Warm and waterproof


Get a good pair of warm, waterproof gloves coupled with waterproof boots. Hand- and feet-warmers are a plus. Bring some extra hand-warmers and make friends fast.


Pack some power


The cold causes phone batteries to deplete quickly, and everyone will be looking for an electrical outlet. Bring a back-up battery charge pack. Even if you do have ample battery strength, don’t count on having reliable service. Hundreds of people will be competing for cell signals, so set up a meeting time and place near a landmark in advance.


Grab some graphite


If you were planning on using a pen to draw or write, consider bringing a pencil instead. Our staff writers have had the ink in their pens freeze at past marches.


Bring a trash bag


If the trash cans are full, and they will be, bring a trash bag for your empty bottles and granola bar wrappers. If you don’t use it for trash, it makes for a great makeshift poncho or something to sit on in the damp grass. Also try wearing them over your socks inside your shoes to keep your feet dry. 


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