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Knights donate new ultrasound to Tepeyac OB/GYN

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As their ultrasound machine began to malfunction, Tepeyac OB/GYN received a call from the Family of Man Knights of Columbus Council in Reston asking if they knew of any clinics that needed a new ultrasound machine. “They said, funny you should mention that,” said Knight Bob Balog. “Our machine is acting up a little bit and we’ll need to replace it soon.”

So his council and 13 others around Northern Virginia banded together to fundraise for a new 3D/4D ultrasound for the clinic, which will provide still and video images of unborn babies for their patients. In 90 days, the Knights raised $60,000, which they used to purchase the $36,000 ultrasound and then donated the rest. 

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Bishop Burbidge blessed the machine in front of several Knights and Tepeyac staff Aug. 28. “Knights, my brother bishops and I around the country have profound gratitude for all of you and the many ways you support the ministries dedicated to protecting life,” said Bishop Burbidge. “Lives may be saved through this gift, through this instrument of the Lord.”  

Members of Tepeyac and its fundraising arm, Divine Mercy Care, thanked the Knights. President Will Waldron said that while two-thirds of their patients have insurance, the other third need the financial assistance of Tepeyac. “I really think this is a work of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Tepeyac OB/GYN in Fairfax, thanks the Knights of Columbus for donating the new ultrasound machine. ZOEY MARAIST  |  CATHOLIC HERALD


“Your ultrasound sends light into the darkness of the wombs that we see here,” said founder Dr. John Bruchalski.  “Many of these people are really happy to see their babies, and their joy at building a family is beyond description. There are many ladies here who are on the fence. And that light that gets into that dark spot to see that little baby is an amazing thing. 

“I pray one day you will see the number of people that you have helped, not just saved lives, but saved families and saved dignity.”


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