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Upcoming retreat for post-abortive women

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It took years for Theresa Bonopartis to heal from the pain of her abortion. “I felt no one could forgive me,” she said. The experience was more difficult because few resources existed at the time. “It was very hard for me to find anything — there was no help,” she said. 

Gradually, spiritual direction from a priest and counseling from a therapist led her back into a relationship with God. But she wanted to make help available to other women who have experienced abortion. “I was determined to let other people know that healing was there for them,” she said.

More than 20 years ago, Bonopartis, who lives in New York, and the Sisters for Life created a retreat for that is used by several dioceses, including Arlington. She knows the tremendous guilt that women who have been involved in abortion carry, and hopes retreats such as hers will allow them to feel God’s love and forgiveness.

“There are so many people separated from the church because of abortion — millions of people suffering in silence, many of whom have never told anyone at all. They live in fear of being found out, thinking that they are doomed and that they have to stay like this forever,” she said. 

“That is not true. God is waiting for them. God wants them to be healed,” said Bonopartis. “You don’t have to stay in that hell because God is waiting to give you His love and mercy.”

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An Entering Canaan Day of Prayer and Healing for women who have experienced abortion will be held March 24. For more information and confidential registration before March 19, contact Project Rachel Ministry at 1-888-456-HOPE (4673) or info@helpafterabortion.org.      

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