2014 NVJCYO Tennis Championships

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The Northern Virginia Junior Catholic Youth Organization (NVJCYO) crowned its 2014 championship teams over three weekends. Players from 19 schools played on 45 different teams competing in four conferences based on grade and skill level. The four conferences are: Wimbledon I (4th grade), Wimbledon II (5th grade), U.S. Open I (6th- 8th grade beginner/advanced beginner), and U.S. Open II (6th-8th grade intermediate/advanced).

More than 400 Catholic school and CCD students participated in the team matches, and many schools also held practices for first, second and third graders to prepare them for competition. The season began Sept. 22 with matches every Sunday afternoon at Fairfax County high schools. Every match began with a prayer led by parents and players.

The St. Joseph Blue team won the Wimbledon I conference, defeating St. Mary 2-1 in the final. St. Andrew defeated St. James Red for third place in the conference, also 2-1. Wimbledon I team matches consist of three no-ad sets of doubles. The Wimbledon I final four teams played their semifinal and final matches at Fairfax High School Oct. 26.

In the Wimbledon II conference, St. Mark/Our Lady of Good Counsel prevailed 4-1 over St. Mary in the finals at McLean High School Oct. 26. Blessed Sacrament captured third place with a 4-1 victory over St. Luke. The match format for Wimbledon II and above is three singles sets and two doubles sets with exhibition matches for players not in the top seven players on their team.

St. Mary Blue won the U.S. Open I conference by defeating St. Timothy 4-1 in the final at Hayfield Secondary School Nov. 2. St. James took third place with a 5-0 win over St. Mark/Our Lady of Good Counsel White.

St. James Red won the U.S. Open II conference by defeating Holy Spirit 4-1 at Fairfax High School Nov. 9. The St. James 8th grade class has now won five CYO tennis championships, starting in third grade. St. Michael took third place in the conference with a win over St. Thomas More.

NVJCYO Tennis Commissioner Matt Borman thanked all players for their effort, parents for getting players to practices and matches, coaches for their dedication, conference commissioners for their work and the Fairfax County school system for the use of the courts.

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