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‘The Addams Family’ brings down the house

Bishop Ireton High School’s spring musical, “The Addams Family,” played to only packed houses at the Alexandria school.

“It follows the far from normal lives of the ‘kooky’ Addams, and it has proven to be an extremely demanding show in its complex music and larger-than-life set design,” said senior actress Gabby Baniqued.

The theater department worked hard on this show since the end of the fall production “12 Angry Jurors.” A lot of effort was expended from all aspects of the theater department including the actors, costumers and crew.

“The Addams Family” cast of 26 actors and actresses began rehearsals in December. They worked tirelessly to perfect every detail of the storyline’s song and dance numbers. Senior actress Madi Bacino said, “We have done a lot of work learning our lines, places, dances, and songs to start the rehearsal process. Once we’re good with those, we can work more on our characterization and putting character’s movements into dances.”

The costuming department stopped working on the fall play in November and immediately started thinking about makeup and hair designs for the musical. Most of the costumes for “The Addams Family” were handmade by the costumers. Costuming junior Celia Curry said, “We have put a lot of time, work, and effort into the costumes, and I’m sure it will all look amazing on stage.”

The costumes are made to fit the actor’s exact measurements.

“So far, my favorite show memory is putting on my Rosie overalls for the first time,” Bacino said. “It really helped me dig deeper into the character and feel more like Rosie. Plus, it's always so wonderful to see the amazing work the costuming crew does.”

This is just one of the efforts the costuming department put into the show.

The stage crew also had a lot to do with the success of the production. They created the sets, lighting arrangements and sound. The props department also worked hard to compile the assortment of props used throughout the musical.

All of these things helped the story come to life and play to rave reviews.

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