A brush with beauty

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Kayleen Nagurny, a junior at Seton School in Manassas, rapidly has become an artist of astonishing skill. She recently was the featured artist at the Ashburn Spring Hills Suites Art night and her pencil portrait of the late Warren Carroll, founding president of Christendom College in Front Royal, adorns the wall of a Seton classroom.

"Unlike most people, I don't really remember what got me into (art) except that I've been drawing since before I can remember," said Nagurny. "One of my favorite things to draw is people. When I draw someone I get to capture their personality.

"In my free time I often do re-creations of pictures from magazines or family photos," she added.

Her favorite medium is pencil, but she also enjoys painting and photography. "I prefer realism," she said. "I love looking at good drawings, paintings and photos."

She hasn't been influenced firsthand by any artists but enjoys the work of Norman Rockwell and child prodigy artist Akiane Kramarik. The latter in particular has inspired her with the realistic way she portrays her subjects as well as the spiritual aspect of each painting.

Nagurny has taken only one art class, which she took in third grade. She has never entered any contests outside of school, where she won an award for her art last year. Her talents have been known to her family and friends, but until recently have not been observed by the public.

She is now, however, starting her own art business and hopes eventually to have her own website. "People said I should do a portrait business because I enjoy them so much," she said. "I'm only going to do commissions for now, but later I might sell already made pieces."

Nagurny loves art, but she also has other interests, as well, including dance and music. She recently performed a duet from the movie "Tangled" with her older brother, Brian, at a Seton talent show. She likes to play the piano and occasionally has served as Seton's backup pianist for the choir.

Nagurny is looking forward to the new challenges her artistic talent has brought. "I'm going to be very busy, but I'm excited."

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