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At John Paul the Great, teacher’s life is based around family

For the most part, Hassan Moore has spent his life in the South, particularly in his hometown of New Orleans, as well as Birmingham, Ala., where he spent 10 years as a professor at the University of Alabama. However, Moore recently moved to Virginia, where last month he joined the faculty at Saint John Paul the Great High School in Dumfries as the new physics and pre-calculus teacher.

When asked how he and his family ended up in Woodbridge, Moore said, “My wife and I had a son and we realized that he needed to be more around family.”

“I believe that being around family will really help my son develop into a greater person,” Moore said.

When deciding on where they wanted to move, there were two things on their minds: they wanted to be closer to family and they wanted their son to go to a school like the one he had been attending in Birmingham, St. Rose Academy.

“Our son’s kindergarten teacher told us about a school in Woodbridge that was a sister school to St. Rose,” Moore said.  That school was St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School. Woodbridge seemed to be the perfect place to move since the Moores were familiar with the area.

“When I was getting my PhD from Howard University, I used to drive up and down this corridor to visit my wife while she was attending medical school at Wake Forest in North Carolina,” Moore said. “It was kind of a hard drive. You do crazy things when you’re in love, I guess.”

Moore said he wasn’t too worried about finding a job in the area.  “Work is work,” he said. “I can always find something.”

So in July 2017, the family resettled in Woodbridge. During the 2018 school year, Moore taught at Edison High School in Alexandria before joining the faculty at John Paul the Great this fall. For the majority of his career Moore has taught college students, but he is not completely unfamiliar with teaching high schoolers. From 1995 to 1998 he taught at Eleanor McMain Secondary School in New Orleans.

“Teaching is teaching,” Moore said. “My goal is to bring every student from a place of darkness to a place of understanding. I feel that Catholic schools are a great place to learn and I am very happy to be teaching at a school like John Paul the Great.”


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