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Performing 'The Jeweler's Shop'

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“The Jeweler’s Shop,” written by St. John Paul the Great, will be the first winter play at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Dumfries. It will be performed Jan. 12 in the school theater at 7 p.m.

The all-senior cast will share the story of love and marriage as seen through three married couples. The cast is performing “The Jeweler’s Shop” because the drama department wanted every student to know the play.

“It is part of the original vision of the drama program that every generation of John Paul students would know ‘The Jeweler’s Shop’,” said Director Emma Boyle.

The performance of “The Jeweler’s Shop” bears special significance but from the uninformed perspective, it might seem like just another play. However, the reason for the performance goes much deeper.

“When we perform something like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Frankenstein,’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in drama club, everyone already knows the stories, and the characters, and the authors,” said Joe Coyle, who plays Adam. “This play represents something that is utterly unique to our school, and it is a way for us to introduce something new every time we perform it. That is where it shines.”

Seniors are excited to bring something new and special to the school community using their acting skills. They are interested especially in how the play relates to the school and the aspects of leadership.

Sarah Morales, who portrays Teresa, said the leadership class has been reading about St. John Paul. She was excited to learn he wrote the play and that she had the opportunity to audition for it.

“We learned about how they were trying to destroy Polish culture during World War II, and (how) he kept this secret theater alive to keep the Polish culture alive.”

Since the playwright is St. John Paul, that boosts the significance and the joy of performing this play.

“Since I’ve done a lot of drama before, I really wanted to do something … really cool at the end of my time at John Paul with my fellow seniors” said Morales.

“This show takes a great deal of independent work … so, for that reason a senior cast makes the most sense,” said Boyle, explaining her reasoning for choosing an all-senior cast. “They have a wealth of knowledge and an ability to communicate that knowledge. It’s their opportunity to give back to the school in a really unique way.” 

The play allows the experienced actors and actresses to give back before they graduate in June.

The play has been performed twice in the school’s history. As the performance nears, the anticipation grows with respect to the third manifestation of a tradition that will hopefully last for generations to come.

If you go

“The Jeweler’s Shop,” Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School, 17700 Dominican Dr., Dumfries, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m.


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