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Seasonal play showcases seniors

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Amid the excitement of Christmas’ arrival, seniors at Seton School in Manassas worked together to put on a production for the Seton community. Every year, the senior class has the option of producing a show as a class, with some adult volunteers, as a way to bond in their last months together. This year, Seton’s class of 2020 performed “Christmas in Connecticut,” directed by senior Marcie Van de Voorde and assisted by seniors Juliette Orr and Jeremy Kleb.

The play tells the story of a young woman named Elizabeth Lane who writes for a magazine about cooking and housekeeping. From her articles, her readers perceive her as a wife and mother who lives on a farm and is an excellent cook. But when she spends Christmas on the farm of architect John Sloan, to whom she becomes engaged, everyone finds out that what she wrote about was all fabricated to boost the magazine’s circulation. She has no husband, baby or farm, nor does she know how to cook. When businessman Alexander Yardley and sailor Jefferson Jones also come to the house for Christmas, Elizabeth tries to continue her act until the truth slowly unravels. In the end, Elizabeth breaks up with Sloan and loses her job, but she falls in love with Jones and learns the importance of telling the truth.

Auditions for the play were held near the end of October, which left the cast a little more than a month to prepare. Nevertheless, the cast of about 15 seniors worked hard in practice and produced a show that brought charm and talent to the stage. Every senior participating was able to showcase their talent through their roles. The main actors were Meg Ashton as Elizabeth Lane, Justin Fioramonti as Jefferson Jones, Ethan Cook as John Sloan, and Jeremy Kleb as Alexander Yardley.

“(The) cast was so diverse and had a lot of people who were new to acting which was such a cool experience,” said Meg Ashton. Not only was the show enjoyable for the actors during the performance, but it also brought the cast together as a family, especially since the cast was small. Senior Juliette Orr, assistant director, said she enjoyed “getting to work with my fellow seniors, especially those people I don’t normally get to hang out with, and just seeing the amazing talent our class has.” The experience of organizing a production with solely seniors in a short amount of time brought the class closer together as they supported each other through the ups and downs of preparation. As shown through the laughter and smiles from the audience of both performances last month, the hard work of every individual actor paid off.

“I am thankful for [the cast], the crew, lights, costumes, my parents, my assistants Jeremy and Juliette, and to God for wrapping it all up in a nice clean bow,” said Van de Voorde. “We made some Christmas magic.”

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