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The pro-life generation at Seton School

Manassas Seton School

“We are the Pro-Life Generation!” That’s the phrase that teenagers saw on signs at the March for Life; this year’s march really drove home the fact that hundreds of thousands of teens in the United States are pro-life. Fifteen students from Seton School had the privilege of experiencing this reality again the day after the march at the Students for Life conference in Upper Marlboro, Md. The conference was an all-day event, featuring nationally known speakers including Kristan Hawkins, Josh Brahm, Jason Jones, and Abby Johnson.

The overall message of the talks was that we are not fighting a hopeless fight: the pro-life movement in America is closer than it has ever been before to getting legal protection for unborn children and, most importantly, to getting people to see that all human life is precious. Kristan Hawkins and Abby Johnson were especially inspiring to students. Mary Jackson said, “Abby made me feel as if I could change the world, and that I could be a part of the generation that ends abortion.”

Being able to change the world was the general feeling in the air by the end of the day, and the students left electrified with the courage and fight to protect the unborn. When asked what she’d learned at the conference that had surprised her, junior Ashley Cackett said, “Over 50 percent of millennials believe abortion is wrong.” Another junior, Ruth Hartung, expressed the same surprise, “I learned that most of Americans my age are pro-life.” Having grown up hearing the phrase “We are the pro-life Generation,” many teens assume that it is just a phrase, but not actually true.

However, our generation is more pro-life than either our parents’ or grandparents’ generations were. The attendance of such impressive numbers of teens from around the country illustrated just how pro-life the millenials are. As senior Julianna Holmes said, “This conference was evidence of the strength of the Pro-Life movement in youth.” Youth organizations from Texas, California, Minnesota, Michigan, and Hawaii were at the conference in large numbers, many having endured bus rides longer than 35 hours. Such enthusiasm and perseverance for the pro-life cause was as inspiring, if not more so, than the incredible speakers present.

At the end of the day, the students left the conference with information to absorb and process, and important decisions to make about how best to assist the pro-life cause. For many of the teens, just realizing how big their cause is, and how many people their age are supporting them, was all that they needed to know to give them the strength to face their challenges. We are the pro-life generation, and we will end abortion.


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