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St. Michael students in Annandale send principal to the roof

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No students could be sent to the principal’s office at St. Michael School in Annandale Feb. 28.

Armed with a cup of coffee, a laptop, a megaphone and the Vatican flag, Principal Daniel V. Cinalli climbed a ladder to the rooftop of the school before the school day to greet the arriving parents and students. When a student asked how he got up there — “I flew.”

The day on the roof was courtesy of students raising more than $7,000 during the Turkey Trot near the school in November, which raises money for the school expenses.

“We let the kids decide what the ‘punishment’ was going to be,” said Cinalli. “I already was wearing a costume for the Turkey Trot so they couldn’t dress me up as anything. It’s a fun idea to get me up there.”

When asked what she thought about the principal being on the roof, one student said, “It’s dangerous.”

Cinalli is no stranger to school rooftops, as he previously went on the roof as an assistant principal of St. Timothy School in Chantilly. 

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