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Travel behind the scenes with the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue

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A custodian is the person responsible for the transportation and protection of the statue. Patrick Sabat, the main custodian, has traveled with the statue since 2003. He took on the role full-time in 2008. One of Sabat’s associates, Larry Maginot, is the custodian for the tour in the Arlington Diocese. He will speak about the message of Fatima at each stop.  


The statue is made out of mahogany, weighs 40 pounds and was carved in 1947 by José Thedim. The image reflects the precise instructions of Sister Lucia.


The statue usually is crowned by the local pastor or bishop at each church. Sabat said it is reminiscent of the statue being crowned in 1946 per the request of Pope Pius XII.


The statue is taken out of the RV and placed on a bier, or a processional carrier, and is carried by four men.

By Air

The statue always gets the window seat on an airplane. Sabat said they buy a ticket for the statue to be in compliance with FAA rules. He said the pilots will sometimes announce that it will be a safe flight with the statue of Mary on board.

By Car

The statue is always placed in the front seat. The zippered bag is unzipped and the statue is strapped in with a seatbelt.


Aboard the 33-foot RV, which Sabat nicknamed “Our Lady’s Recreational Vehicle,” the statue is strapped into a seat.

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