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What will your 'yes' be?

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“I decided to choose my 'Yes' to pray for the children in danger of abortion, spend five minutes a day basically, because I realized that Advent was a time where Mary said ‘Yes’ to God, to accept the responsibility to accept Jesus Christ as her son. When she accepted that responsibility, she took it all the way. I want to help do something similar to what Mary did. I know as a man I can’t actually help stop or physically do anything about abortion, really, but I’d like to at least try to protect them in my own way and spend five minutes a day praying for them and their safety.” -- Joseph Chellis, senior at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Potomac Shores.

Just One Yes is a diocesan Advent and Christmas campaign that encourages people to deepen their relationship with God by committing to one "Yes," which can be either prayer, service or self-sacrifice.

Those who register their "one yes" with the diocese at arlingtondiocese.org/JustOneYes can opt to receive free daily email meditations from Magnificat throughout the campaign. 

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