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Catholic school students honor WWII veteran who turned 102 on Veterans Day

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BANGOR, Maine — "I hope he knows how awesome he is" said a seventh grader at All Saints Catholic School when students sprang into action to honor Roy Ward of Bangor, a World War II veteran who celebrated his 102nd birthday on Veterans Day itself.

All Saints students, who have a special appreciation for veterans, decided to create 102 birthday cards to celebrate Ward's birthday and honor his service in the process.

Ward served in the U.S. Navy in World War II as a machinist mate first class from 1941 to 1947, serving on three different vessels — USS Mizpah, USS Shenandoah and USS Yosemite.

"It was too much of an opportunity for community service to pass up," said Matthew Houghton, principal of All Saints in Bangor.

Students in grades five through eight made the cards, which were decorated with colorful American flags, birthday cakes, an American eagle or two, balloons, stars and stripes and firecracker bursts and big numerals "1-0-2" — and other designs.

"The cards are warm and creative and showcase the appreciation our students have for those who have fought for our freedom," Houghton said.

"It's such a blessing to be able to share how thankful we are with him" said one eighth grader.

"The students were absolutely honored to take part in this endeavor," the principal said. "May God bless all the wonderful men and women on Veterans Day and always."

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