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Sailing an asphalt river in a cardboard boat

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Yes it did happen, March 21 at St. Louis Church in Alexandria. Students at the school got to dress up as King Louis IX, Dominican friars, soldiers and peasants. It was a living tribute to an event that happened in 1239 in France when the friars brought King Louis the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus' head on the way to the cross.
It was a complex story told eloquently by Father Matthew H. Zuberbueler and acted out by students.
Father Dort A. Bigg, parochial vicar, even helped to launch said cardboard boat on the asphalt river representing the trip King Louis took with the relic on the Yonne and Seine Rivers to his palace in Vincennes.
Parents cried as they watched their children re-create the centuries-old drama, and school children clapped and prayed when King Louis held the crown of thorns high over his head.
It was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.
Read about the re-enactment here.

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