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The Liberty Bell in papal visit graphics

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Benjamin Franklin is no longer the only historic figure you'll think of when you see Philadelphia's trademark Liberty Bell. Now when you see that symbol of American independence and religious freedom, think of Pope Francis. The Liberty Bell is part of the World Meeting of Families' 2015 logo, as well as the automatic emoji that pops up with #PopeInPhilly hashtags.

According to the WMOF Family Guidebook, this year's logo touches on the ideas of family unity and Philly's reputation as the birthplace of U.S. religious freedom.

"The bell represents the city's well-known Liberty Bell, and includes its famous crack at the bottom right edge," states the guidebook. "The bell also symbolizes the countless church bells that summon people to church around the world."

Twitter designed special emojis for each of the cities on the U.S. papal tour. The tiny image of the Liberty Bell appears in all tweets containing #PopeInPhilly, while #PopeInNYC features the Statue of Liberty and #PopeInDC features the U.S. Capitol Building.

All week in the WMOF media hall, there's been a model of the Liberty Bell for journalists to stand by and have their photo taken.

It's official: even the Liberty Bell is in on Popemania.

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